Building Profit Through Collaboration


Managing your pictures

After you have mass uploaded your photos into the library, the next step is to manage your photos so that it is easy for a location scout to understand the visual geography of your property.  The general idea is that you are creating a tour of your property as if it were an open house.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to arrange your photos in the following manner.

  1. Exterior "key" photo - a medium sized photo of your entire property that will become the thumbnail image for the location photofile.  This is the first image in the photofile.
  2. Exterior front area
  3. Interior Main floor
  4. Interior Second & Third Floors
  5. Interior Basement or sub-levels
  6. Exterior back area (backyard for example)
  7. Additional buildings (Garage for example - interior and exterior)
  8. Misc. photos (Rooftop angles or different seasons - like snow cover)