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Advanced photos

Panoramic Photos are important as they communicate the “geographic” space of a particular location, especially the key relationships of landmarks or architectural details to one another.

Effective storytelling in a movie is about the instant communication of relationships, without dialogue. Where and how an actor stands in relation to a doorway, window, road or other actor can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the location being used by a film-maker to tell a particular story. A winning location allows for a significant number of relationship possibilities, either through open floor plans or wide open vistas.

VisionNet encourages you to create panoramic photos as they’re quite helpful in providing essential geographic and relationship information about your property.

Panning involves taking several separate photos and merging them into one, using software to “stitch” them together. To take “pan’ shots, hold your camera in a vertical position, beginning on your left, and pivot to your right, pausing at appropriate intervals to take a photo. Be sure to leave enough overlap from one photo to the next to allow the software to merge the images into one continuous photo.

Turn the camera on its side and take overlapping photos from left to right

Load the photos into “Photostitch” and merge them

Crop the “pan” so that the edges are clean and true

Save the finished Panaromic image as a JPEG photo. Upload into your property file.

We recommended an excellent, free package from Canon, called Photostitch.