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Uploading your photos

After you have finished taking a series of photos, you will need to download them from your camera or media card to your computer using the camera supplied software. If you have a moment, it’s a good idea to sort through the photos of your property and make any adjustments that might be necessary in terms of contrast, brightness, colour saturation or cropping. A program like iPhoto or Photoshop are ideally suited to this task. Save the pictures to a folder in your directory that you should label with your property’s name. Now you’re ready to upload, using our simple and convenient system. Simply drag the folder from your directory into this active web-browser window and place it on top of the Upload here box. When you let go of the mouse button, the photos in the folder will automatically upload. A progress window will be visible so you can see when the uploading process is complete.

Make sure that you do not close the active web-browser window before the uploader is finished, otherwise you will have to start again.


The upload process may take several minutes depending on the data size of the photos and the speed of your internet connection. We strongly recommend that you be connected to a high-speed internet portal. Dial-up access may not allow you to upload large files. When your photos have been successfully uploaded into the database, a new page will automatically be created where you can organize and preview your submission.