Search Features and Function

How do I search the Library?

Category Search: Click on the main categories and continue to drill down through sub-categories by clicking on the image sub-headings, e.g. click on Nature, then Parks, then Neighbourhood.

Keyword Search: on the top right corner is a Search Locations empty area. Here you can type in any one word about the type of location you are looking for, e.g. beach, dentist, or road.

Advanced Search: If you need something more specific, try using the Advanced Search. Click on the Advanced Search link just below the Search Locations box. You will be taken to another page with various empty areas. Here you can search both the title and keywords by using several key words, exact phrases, or names, and also by nearest city, availability etc. Once you have entered in your search terms, hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page. (Note: If you find you are not getting many results, make your search terms broader.)

Location ID Numbers Search: if you already have the Location ID numbers, simply click on the Advanced Search link, enter in the numbers in Location IDs boxes and hit Submit.

How does the search work?

Here's a summary of how to use the search box at the top of every page. Individual words can be optional, required, or omitted from results.

For example:

bridge finds results that contain the word bridge.
+bridge requires that results contain the word bridge.
-bridge requires that results do not contain the word bridge. (There must be other search terms, or this will return 0 results.)

You'll notice that 'bridge' and '+bridge' give the same results when they are the only search term. When combining words in searches the modifiers can be read as follows:

bridge => OR bridge
+bridge => AND bridge
-bridge => BUT NOT bridge

For example:

bridge river find results that contain the word bridge OR river. ('OR' and 'AND' are not valid search operators, they are ignored by mysql).
+bridge river results must contain the word bridge, and may optionally contain the word river.
+bridge +river results must contain the word bridge, and must contain the word river.
+bridge -river results must contain the word bridge, but MUST NOT contain the word river.

Here's the result counts from our search using these examples:

bridge river 316 results
+bridge +river 35 results
+bridge river 185 results
bridge +river 166 results
bridge -river 150 results
-bridge river 131 results

Click here a more complete reference

How do I view additional information about the locations that I am viewing?

Once you have opened a Photo File (by clicking on the main thumb nail image) you may want to obtain additional information about the location. Go to the top right hand corner of the Photo File (on theright hand side of the Photo File title) and click on: "Show/HideLocation Details". This will give you a whole host of information from parking, filming history, and website links, to restrictions, travel time and nearest city.

Who do I contact about a location?

When you open a photofile, you see a Show/Hide Location Details link on the right hand side of the Location Title. If you click on this link, it will give you additional information about the location as well as the name or company who it was Scouted By.

If all the contact details of the a company are not here, go to the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

If the contact details of the person are not here, please call VisionNet at 604-734-7994 or toll free in North America 1-877-271-FILM.

Why can't I view residential locations?

If you have not signed into the Location Library with a Location Manager log in, you will not be able to view residential properties. This is an added security feature for all of our property owners who wish their locations to be shared with Location Managers only.

If you are a Location Manager or Location Scout with a professional need to access our residential locations, please contact us or feel free to click on the orange Sign Up link on the top right hand corner of the page and sign up for a Location Manager log in. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Thank you for searching our Location Library.