How do I navigate VisionNet?

Location Library: Categories and Sub-Categories

The Location Library is designed as a filing system organized by Category and Sub-Category headings. By using the links and Sub-Category drop-down menus, you will discover many different locations to suit your purposes. Location ID Numbers and Keywords are another means by which to search VisionNet.

When a Sub-Category is selected, any files that are linked with that Sub-Category are presented in a group of thumbnail images with corresponding file icons and Location ID Numbers.

By moving the cursor over the file icon, and then clicking on the open folder, the user is able to access a specific location file.

Relevant location information is displayed in the information box screen right. When you find locations that have potential, please write down the Location ID Numbers that correspond with those locations. These numbers may be re-entered into the search engine to recall files at a later time, and are used for Contact Information inquiries.

Each location file is organized into several pages. Page numbers are displayed at the top of the information box screen right, and a white page number indicates which page is currently open. Orange numbers indicate which pages remain for viewing.

To view the thumbnail images, move the cursor overtop of the thumbnail. A rollover image will appear in the center of the screen. Each page can display up to six regular horizontal photos, and three pans. To return to your search, select the “Return to Index” icon above the location information box, or use the Category menu bar.