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VisionNet has been providing on-line location finding services to the local film industry since 2003.

Started by a group of location professionals led by Michael Gazetas, VisionNet has focused on creating internet-based tools that give local filmmakers a competitive advantage by saving them time and money.

The on-line location library was the first service to be offered by VisionNet. Our portfolio has expanded significantly, and now includes a number of additional features, such as our VisionProject rooms. These on-line production centres help your production manage ongoing film projects more effectively.

VisionNet’s on-line services were re-launched in April 2007 to include the features and upgrades that had been requested by our clients.


VisionNet provides tools that attract more film business to British Columbia, while also making the process of filmmaking easier and more efficient.

Along with our on-line location library service that we provide at no charge for BC location professionals, VisionNet provides tools that help our customers share digital photo, video, and electronic files securely with their target audiences.

With the re-launch of our services in April 2007, VisionNet has transitioned from being a company that offers services within a particular region to one that satisfies the global demand for affordable and easy-to-use tools that unite filmmakers, and spur film production.

Our philosophy consists of the concept of collaboration between individuals who want to have their property or business promoted as a potential filming site and film industry professionals who are searching for the ideal location for their upcoming projects.


VisionNet takes pride in the fact that we provide concrete benefits to all parties involved in a filming project.

Our VisionPitch rooms allow film commissions and executive producers a widely-customizable tool to help them win business to the regions in which they work.

Our VisionProject rooms provide producers and production managers with an on-line production centre that saves money by reducing the time it takes to make decisions, while also providing a secure, on-line record of the alternatives available, and decisions taken.

Our VisionConnect on-line location library benefits location scouts and managers by providing a wide assortment of digital images of sought-after locations that can be viewed 24-hours a day.

By making these location files easily available, we reduce over-scouting on the most popular filming sites in a region, while also freeing up the time and attention that a location manager or scout needs in order to find the challenging backdrops required for their project.

VisionScout is a private, searchable on-line library offered to individual location professionals. It allows them to store 100,000 of their own digital photographs, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Each account is user-name and password protected, and can be used as a back-up for photographs stored on laptops, or archived on CD-ROMs.


Michael Gazetas


A native of Vancouver, Michael has been working in the film industry since 1994. As a veteran location manager, he has worked on every type of project, from TV Series to independent documentaries.

Michael''s entrepreneurial approach led him to create a collaborative online scouting and project management system that would allow the director''s vision to be delivered quickly, professionally, and on budget.

He has been building VisionNet in a collaborative process with other dedicated location managers and scouts since 2003. VisionNet''s success is due in part to its extensive testing in the field, and feedback from users.

Michael is well known for his enthusiasm, passion for life, and love of cinema, not to mention large scale projects. Many of these traits are gifts from a family of overachievers: Aristides, his now retired father, was a respected theatre and film professor for over 45 years, while Mary, his mother, is a gifted artist, writer, and community activist. Michael calls his parents the perfect blend of theory and action.



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